Please donít be put off by these precautions. It is not necessary to go to such elaborate lengths or travel to
exotic places to discover interesting and appealing subjects. Our own gardens, local forests, and woods will
provide a plethora of interesting material, and provide plenty of practice for developing good techniques and
the patience to master the necessary skills. You will discover new and surprising aspects of Mother Natureís
mysteries as the colors, shapes and textures become revealed. Be creativethe artistic possibilities are endless.

A self taught Artist and Photographer who has been an active member of the Renderosity community for
18 months, posting in Photography and Mixed medium. He has undertaken various tasks writing articles on
Photography for the Magazine as well as doing software reviews. A graduate of Portsmouth University,
followed by Post Graduate studies at the University of Middlesex He has a specialist interest in the field of
Mental Health research. He worked in the Military for 23 years and was a Trauma Specialist there and
traveled widely. Danny is working in Buckingham Mental Health Trust at present and been there for 9 years
where he has spent time working with Rehabilitation and Community Care for people with enduring mental illness.

His hobbies include Chess, Golf and listening to music and reading. An avid lover of nature and wildlife his interests
in this has always been the inspiration for his Art and Photography, and considers that lighting is the very soul of his
attempts at trying to capture this within his work.