danob [D. L. O’Byrne]

In Flight Photography:

Shoulder or gunstocks are special mounts that rest against your shoulder to simulate holding a rifle. They help with
aiming and steadying your equipment. Even the with autofocus cameras, the aforementioned techniques are still necessary
for optimum results. Autofocus cameras will however, do the focussing for you and give a higher percentage of acceptable
photographs. Some autofocus lenses have a useful feature called "Limiter" switches. These will decrease focus searching
by confining the focus to a pre-determinedrange. For example, if you know the subject will be too small beyond 10 meters,
you could limit the range to this distance or less. Therefore the camera will not waste time trying to acquire focus beyond
this range. Image stabilized lenses as stated previously that will iron out some of the erratic camera movements and produce
better results than non-stabilized lenses. Currently, Canon and Nikon have such technology. And Sigma have also joined
the fray with this technology that has certainly enhanced my own efforts. In summary, flight photography is a challenging
and exciting area of bird photography to explore. Remember to stabilize your equipment, follow
through and try to be as smooth with your movements as possible

One final point please remember to respect wildlife don't go into situations that will effect breeding birds, or the natural
course of events in any way!! And your own personal safety should be always in mind leaping around on the edge of cliffs
can be very dangerous ensure in such situations you have a firm anchor and never put yourself at risk and above all enjoy
yourself. There are many other hints and tips I can give you so if you enjoyed this let me know maybe I will do another article