Welcome to my galleries, and website. I hope you will take time to
view my work, and enjoy what you see here. I am a Cornish
man, with a passion for nature and wildlife, and a keen
conservationist. Nature has always provided me with the inspiration
for my humble artistic Endeavour's, the problem is that within nature
we see perfection, my father always said the wider you open the window
towards perfection, the more the muck blows in!

Therefore one can only be inspired and have an idea and try to be
very creative in making this idea into a work of art. Seldom will we
ever be able to even come close to what we see in "Mother nature". I
have worked hard to develop the required level of craftsmanship,
without the outcome of my efforts being motivated by the desire to
follow a vision for my entire body of work.

Vision is an overriding envelope that I struggle to encompass for
both my inspiration and creativity. It is a blanket that covers the
work I try to do. A blanket that came later in the life. Perhaps too
late, but one has to try to perfect one's art and move beyond the
commonplace an outcome that most artists have to go through. For
this reason I placed vision as the final step of the process. I
placed it there not because it comes necessarily at the end of the
process but because in life it is often something that other artists
like myself discover later on.

In my work I take pride in the quality of my images, and use some
great equipment, but the belief that a good photograph is the result
of a good camera places the importance upon the equipment rather than
upon the photographer. It emphasizes the machine rather than the man,
the tool rather than the artist, the technology rather than the
artistic intent. Would Monet turn in his grave if his work was only
thought to be great because he had good paintbrushes!

I found a long time ago that it is while doing activities very
different from photography that provides a constant inspiration. I
therefore engage regularly in activities that have nothing to do with
photography, and yet activities that are related to photography in the
sense that conducting these activities relaxes my mind so that it
becomes open to ideas for new images.

And also occurs when taking time off, or when visiting places away
from home, by visiting a places that is special to me, like my native
Cornwall, or Ireland or Italy the home of my families, or a place I
have never been to so far, or again a place they always wanted to go,
is a way to invite inspiration in my life.

Always it is a pleasure, in meeting other professionals, or attending
a workshops, or going to a seminar, opens the door onto new ways of
seeing and onto new inspiration. I take an active part in moderating
a photography gallery on a large art website at
and have many friends there whose work you can also view by following
the links.. And also my other friends who feature in my list of friends.

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